RIP: Don Tilley
by staff
Saturday, August 30, 2014

The late Don Tilley pushes the Harley-Davidson 'Lucifer's Hammer' at Brainerd in '87.
image by dean adams

Don Tilley, a hugely respected Harley-Davidson tuner, dealer and racing supporter, was killed last night as the result of a crash in North Carolina.

Tilley and his wife were involved in a streetbike crash while riding in the Blue Ridge Parkway. His wife remains hospitalized.

Quiet and selfless, Tilley stood as the heart and soul of Harley-Davidson roadracing for many years. He both owned and built motorcycles that were raced in the 883 class and the old BOTT class. He also raced a VR 1000 Harley-Davidson Superbike in the 1990s with Tripp Nobles and Scott Zampach as riders.

Tilley's desire to race was born in a previous era, when nearly every motorcycle dealer or "bike shop" raced as a matter of pride. Tilley had been racing cars and motorcycles since the 1950s.

Tilley was a good man, a great businessman and a hugely capable tuner.


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