Marquez: No Way. Pol: Sure.
by dean adams
Sunday, August 10, 2014

Either the fastest antique you've ever seen or the best weapon for Mile dirt track racing: the XR750.
image by dean f. adams

Reigning MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez hung around at the Indy Mile on Friday night. There was a sweet RS750 Honda dirt tracker there for him to ride, but he did not make any laps on it. Which was odd as Marquez is an accomplished dirt tracker, albeit on TT tracks and short tracks.

Of the Indy Mile, Marquez said of the event and the bikes, "I saw that they are really, really fast. It's incredible, the top speed, especially of the strongest guys. It was incredible in Turn One and Turn Two the same. They go in maybe 160 full gas and the wall was there so close. So it was impressive to see."

Marquez's prowess on a MotoGP bike--240 horsepower--is inching towards broadly re-writing the record books. So racing the odd Mile dirt track might be something he'd entertain, right? At the end of the season or once the championship is secure?

Ah, no. Or more accurately: No, no, no.

Marquez at one point said he might want to try Mile dirt track racing, then said "No, no, no."

Marquez was trapped in a little pen nearly the entire time he was at the Mile, and was swarmed by autograph hounds any time he left his pen.

Conversely, Marquez's rival, Pol Espargaro didn't spend much time near the pen at the Indy Mile. He was watching the race from the inside of the corners, and nearly dumpster diving in the pits, talking to teams, sitting on bikes and having a ball.

Pol was obviously captivated by the Indy Mile and says he might like to try the Mile some day.

"It was crazy," he said of the Indy Mile. "I never saw something like that. In Spain we have some flat tracks, but not as big as that one. I would like to test (a Mile bike) someday on a holiday."

Marquez left the track after seeing his American rival Brad Baker defeated in a heat race. Pol, though, stayed late, his face dirty and his eyes huge.

His face beaming through the dirt and with perma-grin, "This is incredible," Pol said of the Indy Mile.


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