Ryder Notes: End of the Hot Streak
by julian ryder back in the uk, thanks
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fourth place at Brno for Marquez made the paddock feel slightly like they'd watched history slip past ... which, in a way, it did ...
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Everything about Brno was predictable and if you go back through my twitter timeline you'll see that I did indeed predict the result. With one rather important exception: Dani Pedrosa.

It wasn't rocket science; the track was a lot cooler than usual and previous experience said that would be a lot better for the Yamahas than the Hondas. On a track that doesn't usually favor either the M-1 or the RCV, it wold have been enough to make the difference. The Yams wouldn't run out of edge grip and the Honda would spin its rear Bridgestone. Dani Pedrosa, especially, would suffer. He can't move around on the bike, can't look for grip.

The Honda rider who looked like he couldn't rely on grip front or rear was Marc Marquez. Dani Pedrosa worked his way past the fast starting Ducatis of Dovi and Ianonne and then Lorenzo, who I thought was the potential winner, and pulled away. Not for one moment did he look in trouble. Marquez had a tussle with Valentino Rossi but once the Italian was past he couldn't latch on and follow.

And so Marc finished off the rostrum for the first time in a MotoGP race. Before the race he'd said that he was well aware he'd lose one day and the only pressure involved came from the media going on about his winning streak. And afterward he didn't appear in the least bothered. There was a curious sense of deflation about the paddock, maybe the acknowledgement of a little piece of history ending.

The question now is what effect this defeat will have on the status quo. Frankly, I don't expect to notice a lot of difference in young Marc, but the interesting thing will be the effect on Pedrosa, Rossi and Lorenzo.

They now know he can be beaten.


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