The Inconvenient Truth: Factory Ducati Still Considering Open For '14
by staff
Thursday, February 27, 2014

Contrary to what some may have believed, Marlboro Ducati continues to consider racing under "Open" rules in 2014. And not just Yonny Hernandez's Pramac Ducati, but with at least one of the factory bikes. As they say in Italy "In evidence": Andrea Dovizioso's Ducati was run under "Open" rules today at Sepang where he clocked the fifth fastest time.

"Today we also tried out the ECU with the Open software, there are a few different controls with it and it obviously doesn't work as well as our Factory software, but tomorrow we'll do some more tests," Dovi said.

If, as has been rumored for some time, Ducati doesn't have a vastly different engine, electronics or chassis in short term development beyond what is represented in the GP14, then it's a no-brainer that they would choose to run at least one of their factory bikes under Open rules. This allows for more development, and under much looser fuel requirements. It also a decent hedged bet--Ducati is betting that at some time in the future all MotoGP bikes will race under what are now known as the "Open" technical rules. Getting in early can't hurt.


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