Suzuki Releases Video of '14 Version of MotoGP Racer
by staff
Thursday, January 02, 2014

Suzuki has released a new video featuring their new MotoGP racer. There's not much there in terms of new information and Suzuki assuredly did not allow much raw exhaust note in the video knowing that rival manufacturers can scrape a greats deal of info about an engine just from an audio file today.

Suzuki test rider Nob' Aoki says, to no surprise, he is pleased with the progress of the Suzuki in-line four MotoGP bike.

Most of the footage was shot at Ryuyo. The mostly unverified story has always been that GP hero Kevin Schwantz firmly believed that Tsukuba was the most dangerous track in Japan—until he saw Suzuki's test track at Ryuyo.

Judging from the minimal run-off in the corners and air fence so close that a rider could conceivably reach over and touch it, safety conditions at Ryuyo have not improved drastically since the days of Schwantz.


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