You Can Take The Boy Out of Honda
But You Can't Take The Honda Out of The Boy
by staff
Monday, January 06, 2014

Three guys with bad hair: A somewhat younger Nicky Hayden, Woody Woodpecker and Miguel DuHamel in an old Honda PR photo.
image thanks, American Honda

It's January 2014 and as of Jan 1 young Nick Hayden has returned to the Honda fold. Hayden will race a "customer" version of the RC213, the Honda RCV1000R in 2014.

What's the roughest aspect of the transition from Ducati to Honda? Aside from the differences in powerplant, racing philosophy and dealing with a different Latin temperament (Hayden now rides for the Aspar MotoGP team-based in Spain) probably becoming accustomed to not doing the mad scramble each time he puts a personal photo on Twitter.

"The mad scramble" while he rode for Ducati was emptying each photo scene of all his Honda dirt bikes and boxes of Pro Honda Chemicals before a photo could be taken for public use.


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