New Independent US Three-Race Series To Debut?
by staff
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A new three race independent series is being constructed to exist within the holes of the DMG calendar.
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When DMG released a five race 2014 schedule recently, the groaning was heard from nearly all corners. While the final DMG schedule will more than likely have at least one more round added to it, trying to sell a five or six race program to sponsors is difficult at best. And the schedule that DMG released has no races in bike mad California at all, and has long breaks between rounds.

Thus, a group of supporters and advocates are tentatively putting together an independent three-round series which would run during the longest break in the DMG schedule. The "triple crown" series would feature just two classes, Superbike and Sportbike, and will have some form of television coverage.

If this three race series comes to fruition it will be the first formidable break from DMG since the AMA sold its Pro Racing assets to Daytona's Jim France.

More details on this three race "triple crown" will be released in the coming weeks.


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