Poncheral Dons A Poncho: Tech 3 Shop Flooded
by staff
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The 2014 Tech 3 line up employs a life-saving technique as outlined in the Red Cross Flood Survival Manual. Oh, fine, it's just a PR photo. The team's shop was flooded with rushing water.
image thanks, yamaha

Massive flooding in Bormes les Mimosas, France has struck the Tech 3 GP team's offices and workshop.

News reports show low lying areas near "Bormes" deeply flooded from an overflowing river. Cars bobbing in the street and lower levels of buildings heavily flooded are common images from the disaster.

Apparently rushing water struck the Tech 3 complex, forcing its way into all lower levels of the building, including the workshop area. Tech 3 began a massive pump out and clean up, while at the same time trying to prepare for the first test of the 2014 season at Sepang early next month.

This isn't new duty for the Tech 3 men. Last season at Austin a Lithium battery in a remote starter burst into flames and set off the COtA sprinkler system. A massive clean up effort was required to clean the Tech 3 and Repsol Honda garages.


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