More MotoGP In Leno's Retirement Future?
by staff
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jorge Lorenzo stands outside the Tonight Show studio.
image thanks, Gigi

Motorhead Jay Leno will leave his post at The Tonight Show on February sixth when Jimmy Fallon takes over for the retired legend.

The words "retire" and "Jay Leno" mix about as well as oil and water. Few who know him expect to see him sleeping in or hitting golf balls after this gig ends--Leno is a unapologetic workaholic and the lack of a full time job won't change that.

He will have a bit more time on his hands, though. Will the confirmed MotoGP head--he had Nick Hayden on his show once and actually bowed down when meeting Jeremy Burgess--use the free time to attend more MotoGP events?

Not in Europe of course. Leno doesn't have the Euro travel bug but he did stand in as Grand Marshall of the Indy GP event a few years ago and is known to be a fan of COtA in Austin.

Maybe he'll be hitting USGPs with a slightly lower profile. Look for him leaning against the fence, enjoying a good day of racing, wearing, of course, his denim "Canadian tuxedo".


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