Crutchlow Waves Lorenzo In?
by staff
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It would be difficult to estimate the amount of antacid Yamaha's Lin Jarvis has probably ingested after reading statements attributed to Cal Crutchlow.

Famous for his "Yamaha are not helping" comments and omission of Yamaha when mentioning his sponsors while riding under the Tech 3 umbrella (2011-2013) Jarvis probably expected that his days of Crutchlow inspired indigestion were over when the Coventry turned Isle of Man resident signed a deal to become a factory Ducati rider in 2013-15.

Sorry Lin, best dig out that bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

Even though Yamaha and Lorenzo issued a release stating that Lorenzo had not signed a letter of intent to race for Ducati next season, Crutchlow isn't completely buying it.

"I believe that maybe there is truth in it," he is quoted as saying. ... Of course (Yamaha's) Lin (Jarvis) is going to deny it because he wants to keep him."

The 20-20 hindsight of all of this is interesting to consider. Crutchlow wanted to be a factory Yamaha rider but believed that both factory spots were full for the foreseeable future, thus his signing with Ducati.

Now, Rossi's future as a rider in racing is a matter of speculation—he may not be racing at all after 2014— while Lorenzo at the same time is rumored to be considering signing with either Honda or Ducati for 2015. Both Yamaha seats could be open in '15. If Crutchlow had stayed at Tech 3 for one more season, his chances of being promoted to the factory team--in this highly hypothetical world--would have seemed certain.

Thus the t-shirt seen around college coffee houses, worn—usually—by third year English majors: a graphic of a fork in the road, one route is named "Your life" while the other road is named "No longer an option".


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