Dovizioso: Rossi Failed To Develop
by staff
Monday, January 27, 2014

The ghost of Valentino Rossi is still dragging his chains around a certain race shop in Bologna, Italy.

As some wag said in early 2011, Valentino Rossi's failure at Ducati is such a grand cock-up that it will still be undergoing analysis in 2021.

Andrea Dovizioso discussed most things Ducati with an Italian publication recently, and of Rossi "Dovi" said that while he had the chutzpa to force change--making Ducati abandon the plastic (carbon fiber) chassis for aluminum--Rossi either failed to develop it or took them all down a bad path in developing it.

"It was the wrong direction," Dovizioso said.

Dovizioso's comments suggest that he feels that the looming specter of Rossi is partially to blame for 2013 woes as well, because Ducati felt that the general direction that Rossi and co chose was a good one, just one not completely sussed out. Thus the 2013 Ducati MotoGP bike wasn't drastically different from the 2012 model that Rossi rode.

He suggests that Ducati's plan to organize and not reorganize was flawed. "It was the worst season for Ducati since they entered MotoGP," the Italian said.

2013 was a small glimpse into a world of eternal hell for riders Dovizioso and Hayden. The basic machine was wholly uncompetitive and Ducati's plan to slowly refine the bike into a more sharpened weapon meant that each time their riders left the garage they did so knowing, essentially, they had no chance at a podium finish. With few new parts in the pipeline and, when an updated packagewas introduced that wasn't nearly fast enough, predictably the riders turned on one another.

Dovizioso and new recruit Cal Crutchlow will ride what is being termed a "reset" bike at the Sepang test next month.


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