Burgess To Return At Indy?
by staff
Monday, July 21, 2014

Burgess walks with the very busy Randy Mamola in 1980 at Imatra. Burgess may make an appearance at Indy in a few weeks. Will he be wearing sandals? Probably not.
image: thanks, THE Paolo Scalera
After he parted ways with Valentino Rossi in their very public break up last year at Valencia, some wondered when Burgess would return to MotoGP and in what capacity.

Burgess has spent 2014 on his farm in Australia, walking down to the mailbox once a week and saying "Hello Check!".

Burgess had a season to go on his Yamaha deal when he and Rossi split, so '14 has been, essentially, 52 weeks of paid vacation for the man many consider the best crewchief in MotoGP.

Burgess has many American friends, and enjoys spending time in the States. It's understood that he intends to attend the upcoming Indy MotoGP race as just that, a day at the races with new friends and old.


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