Credit Where Credit Is Due
by staff
Monday, July 21, 2014

Is this the future of America in MotoGP? One domestic rider that continues to impress is American Jake Gagne. Also, he sort of resembles Eddie Lawson.
image by salinas driver
The "television" coverage is at times brain-shearingly annoying, but the racing--in DMG's Daytona Sport Bike class--has developed into something that we don't mind squinting at for a few hours an afternoon this season.

Unless we are absolutely certain Scott Russell is talking we watch with the sound off, but that might be more us than them.

The Mid-Ohio races--run on the same day--were hugely entertaining to watch. It's Multi-brand Moto2 racing at its best.

And the more we see of him, the more we believe that this Jake Gagne fellow is possibly the most talented young rider in
America today. While we have never actually spoken to him, his riding demonstrates that he deserves to be in a world championship next year.

At times, the way he rides--on the balls of his feet--reminds us a lot of the way a certain Marquez fellow rides a motorbike.


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