Brno: Yankee Gone Home
by staff
Thursday, July 31, 2014

What the King has joined together let no man put asunder.
Colin Edwards II's statement yesterday that he will only ride at selected rounds of the remaining MotoGP calendar means that the Brno MotoGP race on August 17 will be a very historically notable event.

With Nick Hayden not presently riding while his wrist heals from the most recent surgery he has undergone, and Edwards skipping the event, the Brno round will have exactly zero Americans racing the MotoGP class.

There will be an American at Brno, of course, as DMG Superbike champ Josh Herrin continues his rookie Moto2 odyssey, but the top world championship class--MotoGP--will not have an American in it.

The 500cc Grand Prix/MotoGP class has had at least one American rider in it dating back to at least 1976.

With Ben Spies retiring prematurely, Edwards announcing his retirement and Hayden struggling with wrist issues the unfortunate reality is that one day soon it probably won't be just the odd MotoGP race that is devoid of Americans, but stretches of races and perhaps even seasons.

There are promising young riders in the American DMG series--Jake Gagne tops our list--but seeing he or Cameron Beaubier in MotoGP anytime soon seems like a real longshot.


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