Hayden: Wait & See
by dean adams
Wednesday, June 04, 2014
2000: young Nick and one of his favorite bikes--the CBR600F4.
image thanks, Vreeke and Associates

The phrase "successful surgery" is an interesting collection of words which can mean several different things.

2002 AMA Superbike champion and 2006 MotoGP world champ Nick Hayden had surgery yesterday in Italy. A world renown orthopedic surgeon performed the operation, and from several different standpoints it certainly could legitimately be deemed successful. For example, he was able to leave the hospital under his own power--this is a success. The surgeon spent an hour and a half vacuuming small chunks of loose bone out of his wrist--this is a success.

But, does this mean the wrist was successfully fixed and Hayden will be good to go at the next Grand Prix? Nobody really knows that yet--certainly Hayden's already sore wrist is no less sore after a guy with a vacuum spent an hour and a half doing the carpet and drapes routine in it. He'll probably need some time to evaluate if the wrist will bear the load of racing a MotoGP bike, or if it will require more time off the bike.

Our Nick will turn 33 on his next birthday, meaning that he has been racing motorcycles for nearly 30 years. Wrists, shoulders and knees are the major wear points on a motorcycle racer and it's common that veteran riders are challenged trying to keep their body in racing fitness.

An Aspar press release yesterday suggested that Hayden hopes to return to racing next week at Catalunya.


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