Stoner: Soon We'll Have To Start Thinking About the Future
by staff
Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Two time MotoGP champion Casey Stoner filed a blog on the British media site BT Sports today.

In it, Stoner first gives British fans a poke by saying he has long had an acrimonious relationship with British fans, writing, Some support me wholeheartedly and some see me as a whingeing Aussie!.

Generally, while some might find question why a man who says of himself "what many people don't appreciate is that I'm an incredibly private person" would be writing a blog; however, like his book, Stoner's BT column gives insight into the man behind the windscreen.

Stoner, as has been covered here previously, writes that he spent much of the first part of the year here in America, attending Supercross races, and hunting and fishing with friends. Stoner says that he loves America and hopes to return one day.

Stoner said that he has offered to HRC to do some testing for them this season because so many '13 tests were rained out when the Australian was helping to develop the Honda RCV1000R.

The most tantalizing line in the entire blog is near the end where Stoner writes, ... pretty soon we'll have to start thinking about the future and what we want to do.

Is that an open door for a return to MotoGP? A move to America so as to attend more Supercross races? A return to V8 car racing?


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