Marquez: If I Don't Win It's A Disaster
by staff
Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Barcelona round of the MotoGP championship is the home race for both of the Espargaro brothers and also reigning world champion Marc Marquez.

While it is becoming accepted fact that every round of the championship is a now "special" track for Marquez--one that he can win on--Catalunya is extra special.

Marquez and the brothers Espargaro will be racing in front of friends and family at this race. Every rider is able to summon a little something more when he knows he's riding with neighbors, grandparents and even that girl who dumped him in middle school potentially in the stands.

Marquez said in today's press conference, "It's a disaster if I don't win (here)."

It's just that Mr. Invincible (Marquez) has not enjoyed a successful reign at Catalunya in the past, for various reasons.

A feature of the track might inhibit his style, as well.

He confessed today that the curbing on the Catalunya circuit doesn't really allow a modern MotoGP rider to drag his elbows as freely as other tracks do.


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