Vale The Daytona-Winning Flying Pig Farmer: Dale Singleton
by staff
Monday, June 30, 2014

American racer Dale Singleton's impact on racing in the 1980s can't be understated. On the track Singleton was a very fast racer. Off the blacktop he was known for his dynamic personality and sense of humor. That combination came in handy, allowing Singletonton turn backhanded compliment into a very key promotional tool.

Someone--Ex-Cycle News editor Jack Mangus swears it wasn't him--dubbed Singleton "just a pig farmer from Georgia", which quickly, because of his incredible speed, morphed into "The Flying Pig Farmer".

Singleton wasn't a pig farmer but he did soon own a pig named Elmer and he brought the bacon-maker to the track, banquets and other events. Fans enjoyed Singleton's sense of humor, as did race promoters.

Singleton has a huge place in Yamaha and Daytona's lore, scoring two wins in the Daytona 200.

He had largely left motorcycle racing by 1985 and went on to pursue a NASCAR career. He was also testing the waters as a television color commentator. Sadly, he was killed, along with three others, when his private plane broke up at altitude in a terrible storm.

The above video link was furnished by Dale's younger brother, Spencer, who has restored Dale's TZ and has compiled many documents regarding his late brother.

While Singleton was trying for a car racing career when he perished, his link to motorbikes and motorcycle racing remained very strong. In fact his tombstone is engraved with both an image of Jesus, and also Dale's familiar #30 Yamaha —at speed.


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