Last One: 1991 Honda RVF750 Art Print
printed on larger, brighter stock--$78.89

New in the Soup store, a larger, brighter print: the incredible 1991 Honda RVF750 Suzuka 8 Hours Winner.
image by ni kohn

We're pre-ordering a limited number of these again, if you didn't get one the last time.

We expect the prints to be in the US and shipping around March 21.

We have imported a very limited quantity of the larger Seevert art prints. These prints differ from the other art prints that we sell. They are:

  • Printed on larger stock. These prints measure 16.5 x 23.5 inches.

  • Brighter paper stock is used for these prints, which enhances the color and detail of the artist's work.

    The 1991 Honda RVF750 is a legendary bike in Honda's racing history. Raced at the Suzuka 8 Hours in the 1990s, the RVF is now viewed as a MotoGP bike, before MotoGP existed. The factory RVF750 made 150-170 horsepower and bristled with exotica. It was built with such lightweight materials that at the time it only weighed 308 pounds--with lights.

    This print, drawn in the shadow of the actual machine as subject--from the Honda Collection Hall--is drop dead gorgeous.

    This print is, simply, incredible.

    This amazing print is so detailed it boggles the mind. Note the ventilation holes in the fairing.
    image by ni kohn

    Note the level of detail: with scribed on markings on the chassis designating the shifter set up for riders Michael Doohan and Wayne Gardner. This level of detail is why Seevert's work is occasionally mistaken for photographs.

    All prints are shipped in a crush-proof tube, ready for framing.

    Buy the 1991 Honda RVF750 Suzuka 8 Hours Winner art print, printed on larger, brighter paper for $78.89

    Questions on an order?

    $78.89 Buy the 1991 Honda RVF750 Suzuka 8 Hours Winner, printed on larger, brighter paper here via PayPal. US Orders Only.


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