Schwantz & Tsujimoto To Race For Yoshimura Legends Team In Suzuka 8 Hours
Saturday, March 01, 2014

This just in from Yoshimura Japan:


We are glad to announce Suzuka 8H this year is going to be one of the most memorable event ever for Yoshimura Japan! It is our 60th Anniversary year since Pop Yoshimura started this business back in 1954 and we are having a [Legend Team] to celebrate our racing history.

This [Legend Team] will run with two very famous riders, one is 1993 WGP Champion Kevin Schwantz and other is 1985-1986 All Japan Formula-1 Class Champion Satoshi Tsujimoto. They made a pair in 1986 Suzuka 8H, and this team finished 3rd over all.

The team will challenge not only for podium finish but also challenge entertainment side of motorsport as well. In 80's, world of motor sport was booming like bursting flowers, and Yoshimura has met upcoming young riders and shared many race victories as well.

Even the riders like Schwantz or Tsujimoto, to challenge Suzuka 8H will be extremely tough as high temp humid air, which drains your energies to where you could get into serious dehydration problem. But both of them are willing to challenge to prove there is something that worth challenging!!

Therefore, I have to put together the team to support their challenging [Sprit] the best possible manner.

Yoshimura believes that such an effort will make our anniversary worthwhile project, just like Suzuka 8H in 80's! We can assure you that this effort makes all the spectators to feel team's sincerity, severity, and bit of nostalgic excitement!

Yoshimura Japan Co., LTD.
Team Manager
Fujio Yoshimura

  • Kevin Schwantz

    Competing in the 2013 Suzuka 8 Hour with Team Kagayama reminded me of what racing with a great team is all about. I am really looking forward to celebrating Yoshimura's 60th anniversary of being in business by competing in the 2014 Suzuka 8 Hours on a Pops Yoshimura Suzuki.

    Pops was a very influential man in my career, I first met him mid-way through the 1985 season riding for Yoshimura. Riding for Pops taught me a lot and helped groom me to be the competitor that I am. He was a real motivator and got the best out of everyone that worked around him.

    In 1994, I presented Pops with my winning Suzuka Grand Prix trophy, the fourth Japanese win of my career, in the Suzuki garage. That photo is still is one of my favorites of all time. Before his passing, he told me I was his only rider to ever win a 500cc Championship, or as it is known today Moto GP, and since his passing his words still hold true.

    To be partnered with my teammate from 1986 Satoshi Tsujimoto is a real honor. Thank you to Suzuka circuit and everybody at Yoshimura Japan for the opportunity.

    ♦ Main racing history :
    ∗ 1985 Suzuka 8H 3rd place / Yoshimura / Pair rider: Graeme Crosby
    ∗ 1986 Suzuka 8H 3rd place / Yoshimura / Pair rider: Satoshi Tsujimoto
    ∗ 1988 Suzuka 8H 3rd place / Yoshimura / Pair rider: Doug Polen
    ∗ 2013 Suzuka 8H 3rd place / Team KAGAYAMA

    ∗ 1993 500cc Grand Prix World Champion
    25 Grand Prix wins, 21 lap records, 29 pole positions
    ♦ Satoshi Tsujimoto

    It is the 60th anniversary year for Yoshimura since its start, and I am so excited to announce that I will race at Suzuka 8H as a member of the Legend Team.

    My pair rider is Kevin Schwantz who has joined Yoshimura factory at the same time as me back in 1984!

    It has been already 30 years since then, and I am honor to race together in the Yoshimura family.

    I am already 54 years old, but I still have same Yoshimura's challenging spirit from the past and I will work hard to bring myself in the best condition to enjoy the race.

    It is going to be a really tough race physically, but we will show our performance at the race.

  • Main racing history :
    ∗ 1985 All Japan TT F-1 Champion / Team Yoshimura
    ∗ 1986 All Japan TT F-1 Champion / Team Yoshimura
    ∗ 1986 Suzuka 8H 3rd place / Yoshimura / Pair rider: Kevin Schwanz
    ∗ 1993 Suzuka 8H 2nd place
    ∗ 1995 Suzuka 8H 2nd place


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