Here's 2014 Switchers
by evan williams
Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here are some riders in new spots for 2014:

1. Danny Eslick, Riders Discount Triumph: Eslick, a two-time DSB champ, returned to the class after stints with Buell and Jordan Suzuki. One of the more naturally talented American riders in recent history, Eslick is perhaps better suited for DSB racing.

He'll race a Triumph, but this one is being tuned with the assistance of Richard Stanboli. Stanboli has run a MotoGP program of late but also has seen Steve Rapp and Chaz Davies win Daytona 200s on his machines.

2. Roger Hayden, Yoshimura Suzuki - Hayden has coveted the Yosh gig for a few years, and he managed to get to ride their bike at a test after the Jordan team was dunked. Hayden was quick. Yoshimura and Suzuki were able to put together the funds for a third bike.

3. JD Beach, Y.E.S/Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha - Beach got Cam Beaubier's seat at Yamaha, parlaying a decent year on the Red Bull bikes into a gig that every DSB pilot wanted.

4. Dane Westby, Yamalube/Westby Racing - Westby rode for GEICO in 2013 but decided to run his own gig this year. Westby secured a good sponsor and some experienced mechanics in a focused, one-rider team.

5. Blake Young, GN Gonzales Racing - After a year on the sidelines, Young is back with this new Louisiana-backed squad with Graves equipment. Young was sorely missed last season as he only raced some MotoGP wild card gigs. Few have fallen as fast as Young, who went from beating Josh Hayes on a consistent basis to unemployed.

6. Dustin Dominguez, Houston Superbikes ? Dominguez is doing the yo-yo... he went from Supersport in 2012 to Superbike last year. Now he's back in SuperSport on a Yamaha.

7. Larry Pegram, Foremost Insurance/Pegram Racing - The series veteran Pegram and his team will run Buells this season. Pegram gets back to the v-twins after forays with four-cylinder BMWs and Yamahas.


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