Ryder Notes: Words From The Sand
by julian ryder on the ground in qatar
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The first press conference of the year provided a chance to catch up with the body-language interpreting skills. Marc Marquez beamed as he was introduced as the youngest ever world champion and looked a little peeved as he said he wasted a lot of time doing nothing after breaking his leg—he only started weight-bearing five days ago. His suggestion that he won't be fully fit felt more like a away of loading some expectation on the shoulders of his rivals than an excuse. The threat from the open class with all that extra gas? "I like my bike the way it is."

Jorge Lorenzo, who, it is worth remembering, only lost the 2013 title by four points, did not look happy. He too isn't fully fit thanks to three general anesthetics in short order to remove metalwork from his collarbone (we knew about that one) plus fixes on a finger and his back. Not surprisingly, those three appointments with the medical profession knocked a big hole in his training schedule. Then there's the petrol, or lack of it: "I am happy with 21 liters..."

It took some people a few moments to spot he was being mildly sarcastic. Still, it was better than Dani Pedrosa's answer, which ended with "It's the same for everybody." Actually Dani, it isn't but I think I know what you meant, and it was a feeling neatly summed up by Cal Crutchlow when he was asked about the rules: "I don't care." ...


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