Ryder Notes: Exciting Developments From The Sea of Sand
by julian ryder on the ground in qatar
Friday, March 21, 2014

Now that's interesting. Aleix Espargaro is still fastest and he's fastest on the tyre he'll have to use in the race, not the soft job the regulations allow the open class bikes. That tyre is largely an irrelevance—although it could be used to make a mess of the grid—but the extra four litres of gas isn't. Espargao isn't quick in a straight line but he's riding brilliantly.

Rossi and Lorenzo are deeply unhappy that the reduction in gas to 20 litres, one less than last year, for the race has made the bike gutless. Rossi is being vocal on the subject as is Jorge, who cannot understand how he is so much slower than he was as a novice MotoGP rider here years ago. It means he is taking risks on acceleration—and he was unhappy to note that both Tech 3 riders crashed when they lost the rear—Smith with a massive highside.

The lack of edge grip on the new tyre is another reason the factory Yamaha men are not happy.

Twenty-four hours ago I thought the field would shake itself out and the results sheet would have a more normal look to it today. That didn't happen and I can't see a reason why qualifying should be any different.


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