1974 Suzuki Team Images
images by brian furman

On Saturday July 15, 1974, Brain Furman shot these images of the US Suzuki team at a motel near Loudon. He dug the battered—AND, OKAY SLIGHTLY GREEN—negs out and sent them to 'Soup.

Gary Nixon rode for Suzuki in 1974 with Erv Kanemoto as his mechanic.

Here Kanemoto re-freshes the engine on a Suzuki two-stroke racer.

There was a long break in the schedule between Loudon or "Laconia" as they used to call it and Monterey in 1974. The team checked into a hotel so the mechanics could work on the bikes and the riders could get some R&R.

Riders Cliff Carr and Paul Smart each enjoy a refreshing can of Schaefer beer.

Nixon and Kanemoto talk shop outside the Silver Sands Motel on Lake Winnipesaukee. $24 a night in 1974.

One of the two Suzuki roadrace transporters in 1974.Check out the plethora of license plates.


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