Images of the Hayden/Edwards Incident At Assen
images by s o u p a r m y

American Colin Edwards II led nearly the entire '06 Dutch TT but a mistake on the closing laps helped Hayden close.

Hayden tightened up his lines and shadowed Edwards.

In the immortal words of Paul Page: 'Does no one want to win this race?' Nicky caught a false-neutral and rode across the gravel.

Drama unfolded: at nearly the same time Edwards rode off and lost control.

Edwards crashed within sight of the flag.

Hayden miraculously saved his race by staying up.

Hayden in the gravel.

Edwards leapt to his his feet and grabbed his Yamaha.

Fellow American Hayden leaves the gravel. 'Them Michelins actually have decent grip in the stones,' thought the Supermoto guy.

The cornerworkers help Edwards get his Yamaha re-fired. The anguish is clear on his face.

After he crosses the line the disapointment is clear. No one who saw Edwards ride at Imola in '02 can ever be critical of his riding. He's a master.

Hayden scores win number two, this one at the legendary Dutch TT. The British GP is next up and Edwards will be looking for redemption. A certain Texan goes well at Donington.


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