Ducati Island '09 @ Indy MotoGP
images by evan williams

Italian L-twins dominated the turn one area at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past wekend.

An NCR model bears the name of some guy named Hailwood.

There was quite a crowd of Ducati fans at the race in Indy and they had their own grandstand.

The late '60s, early '70s logo.

Ducati Island proved to be a great spot to eat a meat-sicle.

The Cagiva-era saw Ducati dominate Superbike racing.

It got loud but no one really complained.

A ton of cool bikes were ridden to the track by their owners. As usual, Ducati held a contest to determine the coolest bikes.

Ducati Island had a great view of turn one through four and the pit-out.

An NCR bike was on display.

The classic '80s logo, in our opinion one of the best-ever.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN STONER'S NOT HERE? Screw this, we're going to Outback instead.


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