Laguna Seca US MotoGP Set Up Images 2009
images by DMT Imaging

It appears Soup's office order of Red Bull has inadvertently went to Monterey. Jordaaaaaaan!

Where big blue will call home at the dry lagoon.

Tech Three Mechanics await Colin's arrival and the inevitable 'Oh, you guys wanna measure somethin'? Here measure this, but you'll need a longer tape ...' comment.

How riders are just like kids: they leave their frickin' shoes anywhere.

Sniff here.

'A little JB Weld will hold Dani's radiator together while I catch the next exciting episode of 'Pinks'.

'Always gotta wash the flippin' dishes, why can't Kipp ever do this ...'

L is for Labour.

A shop. In a box.

Or will you take the mystery gift inside of the black shipping container. It could be an exotic MotoGP bike, a tangled mess of mechanic underwear or pure columbian marching powder. Oh, wait, that was only in the '70s.

'Where's Evan? Anyone seen Evan?'

Your home for the next three days. Don't miss the bathrooms on Sunday morning.


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