More Laguna Seca US MotoGP Set Up Images 2009
images by DMT Imaging

This is where the media will 'work'. At the end of the day when everyone takes their shoes off, it smells like a carp left to die on the banks of the Mississippi. Oh, wait, we're the only ones who take our shoes off.

No Hacking or Spies or RLH this year, sadly. In MotoGP at least.

Their bikes, however, still talk.

Gresini: home of the absolute best press releases in the MotoGP paddock.

'Anybody got a triple-a?

MotoGP: home to the hardest-working paddock in the MotoGP world.

The little one is where they keep the spare parts for Pedrosa. The bigger one is where they keep the parts for his bike.

No sign yet of the t-shirt cannon.

In MotoGP this is a frequently used word.

After complaining of a fever, HRC drained all the blood from and installed a radiator on one of their mechanics. His productivity plummeted but he was running a cool 71 degrees.

Spies. Spies. Spies. Spies. Spies. Spies. Spies. Spies. Spies.

'It's too bad that you're way too tall to be a MotoGP rider.'

Try as they might, both bulls are unable to make much headway on doing the Malachi Crunch on the sun.

Slammed by Euros, if Laguna was in Italy it'd be a national shrine to racing.


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