Indy: The Attack CRT MotoGP Bike (Again)
images by head on table guy

The Attack CRT bike is back in action at Indy. Blake Young is again at the controls, this after their crash at Laguna Seca.

Tech sticker on a new for Indy frame that Richard Stanboli and crew made.

More buttons than our Atari 2600.

Also, is everyone aware that the PACKERS WON THE SUPERBOWL?

Digitally monitored and kept toasty by tire warmers.

Richard Stanboli enjoys breakfast, at 1:00 PM, if that gives you an idea of how busy he is today.

Burned but totally spent dinosaurs exit through here. They're not happy about it, but what can you do?

The Ohlins shock offers both low and high speed settings. A fine attack rearset obscures the view.

Portions of the frame are held together by using a process called 'welding'. The welds are actually stronger than the source material. Unless Blake tosses it to the sky of course.

The engine is sealed by Dorna to ensure freshness. Kind of like canned beer only not like it at all.

Attack's cool upper triple clamp. Like most products that Attack makes it could be a decent weapon to wield if the wrong guy lips off.

Those bolts pinching the fork tube have an important job but they were prepared for this in the forgery.

Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter L, and Brembo brakes.


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