More Images From COTA MotoGP 2013
images by brian 'airstream' nelson

Cornerworkers--a special breed.

Ear muffs at dawn. The LCR Honda RC213 is warmed up, sans front brakes. The bike, like anything HRC makes, is totally sano.

The man of the moment. Face of an angel. Smile of a toothpaste commercial. Heart of a killer. A rider.

Oddly looks like Roger Lee Hayden. RLH is taller and more animated, of course. Also, this false idol seems to have ten fingers.

The highly trick Kalex chassis. Much to see here. Note: motor seal on back of cases, adjustable swingarm pivot, total loss ignition, adjustable footpegs, valve spring return release on rear brake (no drag), possible sand cast engine, the red tube is a potentiometer, real rear brake reservoir, WP rear suspension, and three data connections/channels for ECU/data logger.

The Mapfire Aspar Moto 3 bikes. The exhaust alone is droll-worthy. Twin hydro-formed exhaust pipes (one cylinder, two exhaust ports) with no silencers.

The media's reaction to a press conference without Valentino Rossi. Why are we here? Why did I bring my camera? Why are we even alive?

Fan walk. Your chance to be crushed into a small space and watch mechanics work on bikes 35 feet away.


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