Another Page of COTA MotoGP Images
images by brian j nelson

The 251-foot-high Circuit of the Americas Tower offers a unique view of the track, and the observation deck was packed during the MotoGP race. They saw history being made.

Young Briton Bradley Smith has a ways to go to keep pace with his lightning-fast teammate and countryman, but so do most of the other MotoGP riders on the grid.

When in Texas. The Monster Energy girls sported fringe and cowboys hats in Austin. Oh, you didn't notice the fringe and cowboy hat on Tara? Understandable.

Put on a 10-gallon hat, look like a Texan. And that PVC pipe makes a mighty fine drinking straw when you sample the margaritas on South Congress after the day is done.

The Quiet Storm smolders on the starting grid. Mama Rose says if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Marc on the grid, a quartet of four North American T-6 Texan warbirds leaves their mark in the sky...and then Marquez left his indelible mark on MotoGP history.

Jorge Lorenzo did all he could to keep his M1 in sight of the two Repsol Hondas. His P3 finish kept him in first place in the Championship, albeit now tied with Marquez.

Tech 3 rider Cal Crutchlow never tested at COTA, although he sure rode like he did. He was fast from the moment he set tires on the track and finished a remarkable fourth in Sunday's race.

Yamaha rider Lorenzo really didn't put a wheel wrong all weekend long. Pundits opined that COTA is a 'Honda track.' Nevertheless, Jorge tried (in vain) to dispute that assertion.


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