A Continuation of Austin MotoGP Images
images by brian jay nelson

The kid at COTA: Marquez took his rightful place in history.

The pre-race perp walk had some unexpected faces in it.

Attack qualified for the race with American rider Blake Young.

COTA: when the MotoGP paddock learned that those light and powerful batteries seemingly everywhere now can become ingulfed in flames if they are poorly made or incorrectly maintained. If COTA's sprinkler system had not kicked on, the fire may have been catastrophic.

... and then the corner tighten up and you have to take the wide exit, no wait, for this one it is the inside exit, no, wait ...

It was a Monster-sized mess at COTA after their pit garage fire.

These boots are actually not made for walking--but for riding, a horse.

Colin Edwards was able to drive to the GP from his house but seeing him in the back was painful to watch.

Spies practices a start. Will his shoulder prove to be a long-term injury like those that brought down Hodgson and Fogarty?

A spring scooter ride in Texas, with lunch in the trunk and going fast on your mind.

'Nightranger IS right,' Lorenzo realized, 'you CAN still rock in America.'

No head games, nor treachery nor any pre-race rituals to beat down his own superstitions. Marquez's speed isn't bolstered by patching over his own irrational fears, but by simply being faster than anyone else.


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