Deep Inside Attack Racing's CRT MotoGP Bike
images by murph's syndicate

The Attack Racing CRT bike, like the QMMF Moto2 bike, is another bike whose technical qualities intrigued us at Austin. Built in California at the Attack HQ, the bike started life as a Kawasaki ZX10, but is now just a shell of its former production self.

Custom-made and welded frame, swingarm, Ohlins suspension, custom crankshaft for staggered firing, cassette-gearbox, all from the mind of Richard Stanboli.

Attack will contest the three American GP races this year--next up, Laguna's USGP. Rider Blake Young will continue to ride the bike.

The Attack CRT engine which began life as a Kawasaki production engine. Note Dorna-mandated seal on left hand side.

A closer look at the engine minus covers. With the cassette transmission removed you can almost see right through the engine. Internal gear ration changes in under fifteen minutes. Custom made header and exhaust so as to tuck in behind radiator and clear engine.

Attack are data junkies, and have the latest Motech system on their CRT machine. MoTech dash shows traction control setting, lap timer, engine temp, redline in excess of 14k and more. Data umbilical cord plugged in for download of data and reprogram mapping. Note rough-machined triple clamp.

Kevin Cameron comes by the Attack garage to talk to Richard Stanboli about methods used to overthrow small South American governments, why the gold standard was a dumb idea, or advanced missile guidance systems. Note fork travel potentiometer dangling, carbon snorkel, data point above snorkel. Brembo calipers with carbon pads.

Spare engine, on stand. Note custom made oil catch tank that fits inside frame rails.

The Attack Racing squad collaborate on setting up the CRT machine at a Grand Prix. Image of Jon Cornwell's bare leg included at no extra charge. Stanboli's computer is on the right hand side--note all the data traces.

Holy billet! In Grand Prix blue rags usually signal 'no one can see this'. More data channel ports here, rear brake pressure sender unit visible, as is the custom made throttle linkage.

Attack's rearsets--where form meets function. Note adjustable swing arm pivot.

Not as bad-ass as a set of flat slide Mikunis, but the Attack's induction system is injected and electronic. Carbs--they die with our generation, people. Black is airbox with injectors below, with the custom tank below.

IR sensors are there to measure tire temps across the crown of the tire. Floor is there to make that whole gravity thing meaningful. Note the man-made welds, and that the chain passes through the swing arm with no sign of contact at extreme ends of suspension travel or chain slap--well done, Attack-type men, well done.

Attack likes data--lots of data. They record everything, but unlike your DVR they actually use the data.

Custom-made Attack head stock, Ohlins forks, potentiometers on steering damper, and front fork. How about the size of that lower triple clamp?

The Attack CRT had the distinction of being the only GP bike that qualified for the race but was loaded into a pick up afterward. Time to drive it back to California and prepare for Laguna Seca.


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