In Detail: Ant West's QMMF Honda Moto2 Racer
images by dean adams (first two images by Brian Nelson)

The QMMF Moto2 bikes caught our eye at Austin. If you're not familiar with the QMMF bike--it's the Moto2 bike with the carbon fiber swing arm. We were able to spend some time with the bike and this photo essay is the result.

Australian Ant West rides for QMMF. QMMF is basically the Qatar version of the AMA and they fund a team to help their own riders. West's teammate is Rafid Topan Sucipto.

Here the carbon arm is shown in all its glory. We requested that they remove it from the bike for closer inspection and photos but they decided it'd be less work to just throw us out of the garage if we said one more word on the subject.

West photobombs while we shoot an image of the Speedup chassis. Note the carbon air snorkel, titanium exhaust and Ohlins forks. The Ohlins gas-charged forks are similar to the Ohlins SBK forks but have very thin walls for more flex, lighter weight and also have special valving. The LED leads above are for shift lights and other rider awareness gizmos.

The carbon arm is a piece of art. Small steel (full floating) disc on OZ magnesium wheel inside it.

Speedup/FTR chassis made from extruded aluminum pieces welded in place.

We arrived just in time for the QMMF crew to do some clutch maintenance on West's Honda. FCC slipper clutch with the usual 'Australian rider' level of abuse quite evident. Same old AMB transponder like those used in 1997 AMA Superbike racing.

More clutch parts.

Titanium exhaust, titanium springs, also carbon radiator shroud.

A closer look at the carbon snorkel, the back of the 2D dash, Speedup frame and custom made clip ons.

Ohlins rear shock with high and low speed damping adjustments. Andreani Group is the Italian company that does much of the Ohlins service in Moto2. Also, potentiometer, ride height adjuster on shock.

Brembo brake assembly. Double endurance-style folding lever assembly, also, note freeplay adjuster.

Ohlins forks, Brembo mono block radial brakes. These have ceramic pistons in the calipers.

Rules-mandated engine cover protects the CBR600 engine.

Note the very trick steering head on the Speedup/FTR chassis. Also note the $8000 2D dash assembly. Note the talented machinist who made the clip-ons 'signed them'.


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