COTA MotoGP Test Images March 2013 # 1
images by dean adams

(When Harry Met Sally) Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! YESYESYES! A man could get used to this. Especially when the 'eleven over always' Soup rule is factored in.

Rossi pulls a peg for the first time in Texas. Early in the day the Italian was spooked by the cool track surface. He toughed it out and continued to lap.

LCR Honda rider Stefan Bradl is here and was throwing down some fifth gear wheelies that the stunters in FLA might enjoy.

Everyone was very concerned with tire wear all morning long, feeling that the 'stones were not building enough heat in the left hand side of the tire.

Lorenzo stayed in the garage for a while, then ventured out. He said that the track is both real and spectacular. SXSW? He'll be downtown tonight.

Prefers the bottom.

Mike Barnes and the GPTech team are here with their CRT offering.

One of the ways that the racetrack is different from your house is the recycling pile.

The new posters are here. Marquez seemed to love the COTA track and could not keep himself from grinning. Pedrosa didn't seem to care for the blind corners and said it was designed more for F1 than MotoGP.


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