More Pitlane MotoGP Images From COTA
images by dean F Adams

The Yamaha garage.

Mike Barney Barnes goes out on the GPTech bike. He had a crash this afternoon but is fine.

Time: March 13, 2013 Location: Rossi's side of the Yamaha MotoGP garage Event: When our 'tapered steering head bearings are the only way to go' belief died an ugly death.

Marquez fingers the evidence. He has dragged some 'bow Texas.

The precise moment some guy asked Pedrosa what he thought of the track.

W-H-A-T?! Yamaha men take to the corner and hug it out after the news broke that Roxanne is not here.

Richard Stanboli looks over the Attack not really a Kawasaki any more CRT bike.

A snap from a Honda photo shoot.

You bring this thing into the Genius Bar and they'll take it in the back room and fix it in like 15 minutes, no problem. All the while cracking Monty Python lines. 'It's for the woman with the huge tracks of land'.

Rossi enjoys a few quiet moments with Italian hip hop star Jovanotti who is here for SXSW. He is tall.

Burgess. If photographers just took a flying leap that'd be great.

Sighted in the Bridgestone garage: an old label.

Like a frightened turtle. When the guy broke out the camera with a helicopter all male photographers at COTA suffered serious shrinkage.

Sometimes, Valentino will wake up and he's not sure what country he is in. This time, he was virtually certain he was in America.


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