Indy MotoGP 2013: Pictures of MotoGP Bikes In Action
images by Brian. Nelson.

Marc Marquez. Seems to like the track, says he finds it challenging. He's been fastest for two sessions.

Curb-jumper! Rossi said in the pre-race press conference that he doesn't like the Indy circuit. Might be related to the fact that he's not the fastest guy here, and hasn't been since he last won at Indy. He didn't like Austin either, and coincidentally, wasn't the fastest guy there either.

Ben Spies is back on the Pramac Ducati. He ended the day yesterday sore but that is completely normal for a guy who hasn't ridden in months.

Geoff Maloney's GPTech team is here and racing Moto2. Their rider is James Rispoli, and part of the crew is current DMG tech czar Al Ludington (far left).

Trying to describe the Seinfeld episode 'The Pen' is difficult if your audience has never seen Seinfeld or if they have never smiled in his life.

69 and 34. Two class acts.

Rossi's OBCD won't allow him to let the front tire touch the mother earth until after the shadow exiting the corner.

GPTech is using the latest 'Mistral' Moto2 chassis as made and sold by Tech 3. Rispoli was able to test at Indy last week.


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