Saturday Images From COTA MotoGP '14
images by willy-only 800 miles today-ivins

COTA's signature tower--not for the acrophobiaists among us. The locals call it 'mullet tower'.

Honestly, the Ohlins shock placement wasn't appreciated by many road testers.

Down on speed and probably not very happy, Hayden fans are willing the '06 champ on in the face of adversity.

Hey, your photograp ... you photographing .. you guy with the camera. He-a take-a my picture. Hey, you, yeah, okay, buuuut ... some other guy, you know, maybe I donnta like. But anyway, tell ever-ee--body I said-ah hi.

Roadside on the drive into the track.

COTA: One of the most impressive vistas in racing.

Fans enjoy the early morning practice vibe while walking around and generally saying and thinking, 'Wow. This place is incredible.'

Boy it feels good to be back home again.

Playing who dropped the circlip.

The man behind the $100 Rossi hoodie. Suzuki is testing here next week.

Only two things come from Texas boy, steers and ...

While fans wait for Lorenzo or Rossi to emerge, two cow-gals tempt them.

Negative, Ghost Rider, pattern is full.

Where one goes looking for the next Dani Pedrosa.

If you have a VIP ticket at COTA, you can sit in the 'Hall of Leathers'.

The painted prairie is COTA.

Gone for donuts, stop back later.


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