Thursday Images From Indy MotoGP '14
images by Brian. Nelson. CALVES OF A VIKING

Lorenzo and Rossi both have new two year contracts now. Only Lorenzo's allows he or Yamaha to end the contract after one year--ala Crutchlow.

'What's next?' Marquez's prank war with his PR man, Rhys Edwards, is straight out of an Abrahams and Zucker script. Thus far whoopie cushions have been utilized. Surely he can't go any further.

Lorenzo said that it has always been his dream to finish his MotoGP career with Yamaha. That's why he has an option on his new contract to leave after 2015.

The latest MotoGP craze: hair art.

The first time that Nick Hayden spoke when Lorenzo was supposed to be, it was a genuine and funny moment. The second time he did it, Lorenzo liked it much less, seemingly. Hayden just laughed.

Rossi, while maybe not the fastest MotoGP rider in the world, at least in this group, is the tallest.

Paddock Travelers.

Moto2: never before in racing has less horsepower been contained in such massive technology.

No better time than on Thursday to set the sag and get the controls exactly the way you want them on the bike.

Starting a Moto3 bike still involves kicking, just not in the way that you think.

The ''First Family' posed with the book's co-author in the media center.

American Josh Herrin's crew gets ready for another US race.


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