More Images From '14 Indy MotoGP
images by Rob Baas

MotoGP at Indy: Where you will see a vast variety of bikes.

The Edwards stage where a mass of fans gave tribute to the American GP great.

Monster gals. They come in black or white.

Earl tells the story. Not all the stories, mind you, but a nice selection. And he finally cops to the rumor that the kids' race team was funded by his winning at poker ('five nights a week').

Please, sir, can you please move your backpack so I can wheel this crashed MotoGP bike past you?

Marquez--he smiles even when he's headed to the garage to ride. Race face? It's a smile.

Nick Hayden, even though he wasn't riding, was mobbed any time he stepped into the light.

Fans signed the banner for Edwards. He will hang it in his Boot Camp HQ.

Welcome to MotoGP in the heartland. For you vegetarian peeps the track offered funnel cakes, and also, a strong Bloody Mary for $8.

The Yamaha banner from the front.

Red Bull girls. They supply the bod', Red Bull supplies the shoes.

Bradl had the best T1 seat in the house to watch the leaders come through on lap 14.


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