2014 Indy Mile Images: Racing Americana
images by dean F adams

The Indy Mile component of the Indy MotoGP weekend is not to be missed. It remains one of the greatest forms of motorcycle racing in existence. Racing under the lights with cool big twins on the track. Rolling Thunder!

Riders line up for a heat race.

Kenny Coolbeth won the Mile at the end of the night. Marquez left early after seeing Brad Baker get beat with his own eyes. Marquez's old man, though, stayed to the end and was seen peering over all the dirt track tires available in the US.

Friend of Soup Jeremy McWilliams stopped by to repeat his PSA: never get in a hot tub with Kenny Roberts. Also: pirate smile.


Marc Marquez was grand marshall of the event and posed with an RS750 Honda. Like any true rider, he didn't look overly pleased to be spectating.

A line up for a re-start.

Nick Hayden was there and drew loud applause anytime he was interviewed on the PA.

Several of the big Twins were drool worthy.

Including but not limited to the Zanotti Racing bike which is trickest XR750 we have ever seen.

Marquez was cordoned off behind a small picket fence, sort of like a goat in a farm store display. We went over to pet him, but he did not get the joke.

Colin Edwards II came by to say hello to all of his dirt track friends.

CE2 poses with dirt track legend and multi-time champion Chris Carr. Hayes popped in at the last second looking like he may have an ulterior motive.

He did: stealing his dad's wallet so he could get some cotton candy.

Many of the bikes were super-trick.

The Indy State Fair provides the backdrop to the Indy Mile.

She confessed to being a huge Chris Carr fan. He could park anywhere he wanted, she said.


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