Mugello MotoGP Images # 2
images by Marco Guidetti

'Ohhhh my aching leg.' Marquez flashes by the camera.

As former GP rider turned Alex Hoffman (left, in BMW shirt) watches on, Marquez and Rossi discuss their races.

This is my helmet. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My helmet is my best friend ...

300 wins. Veddy veddy funny.

After multiple crashes at this race and in the previous rounds, and starting the season injured from yet another crash, Pol is talking less out of the side of his mouth, now.

Look who we found: former 500cc champion Alex Criville (left) and former Kenny Roberts' shop sweeper turned GP rider Sete Gibernau.

Lorenzo's practice starts were not confidence inspiring but he totally nailed the start of the race at Mugello.

Colin Edwards II enjoyed a new chassis at Mugello, one which he said made him feel twenty years younger. He's being primed for a post-racing life as, possibly, Michelin's test rider.


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