Dramatic Images of Bautista's MotoGP Practice Crash at Mugello
images by Marco Guidetti

Gresini Honda rider Alvaro Bautista was involved in a nasty highside this morning at Mugello. After crashing out of the first three GPs of the season, Bautista finished on the podium at Le Mans. Late in today's morning practice Bautista was on a fast lap on his RC213 when ...

the Spanish rider encountered Honda RCV1000R rider Karel Abraham on the racing line and not at race speed. It's a split-second judgement call when a faster rider runs up on a slower rider as to go inside or outside and Bautista took the 'demo derby' inside line. Note the approximate 43 million acres of runoff on the outside of the corner. (For you Euros, that's 17 million hectares.)

Bautista nearly makes it past Abraham's footpeg--usually a sign you've made it--but the bike starts to swap ends and now it's all in the lap of physics and fate.

Alvaro gives a last second plea--No, baby, don't do me like this--while the RC213 begins the wind-up.

It's rarely ever a good thing when your bike is sideways on the track--unless you're Kenny Roberts. The RC213 has punched Bautista's eject button and he going ground/sky/ground.

Ayyyeaaaahhh. Generally this is not how you want to start your race weekend. Bautista is in full lift-off mode.

Note how the RC213 isn't even that damaged at this point in the crash even though it is, admittedly, upside down and without a human controlling it. Pretty dang good bikes those Hondas.

Earth surface rapidly approaching Bautista's helmet visor. Brace for impact (or, if you're Steve Crevier think to yourself, 'Wow! Pretty big one, hope Brian J gets it.)

Bautista is back on mother earth while Abraham's body language reflects the typical 'mistakes were made' admission.

Bautista gets a good look at the wide expanses of the gravel trap.

How often does Alvaro Bautista get to lecture someone else for making a bonehead move on track? Um, not very often. He's not going to miss this opportunity. He finds Abraham in the pit lane at Mugello and uses his finger to make a point.

HOW'S THAT FIT YA, FANCY-PANTS? Still using his finger, Bautista continues to give Abraham some riding tips. Abraham, being a lawyer, will eventually use all of Bautista's words against him and later be living in Bautista's house.

'And his hair was perfect.'-- Warren Zevon


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