'14 Qatar MotoGP Race Images # 1
images by marco guidetti

To the victor go the spoils. Marquez sat out the end of the pre-season, broke his leg six weeks ago and decided at the last minute to use the hard Bridgestone tire. Even with all of that, he won convincingly. The only explanation: tiger blood.

The 2014 MotoGP season had a lot to live up to with the opening round of WSBK at Phillip Island being such a barn burner. It did so, giving a race full of drama and excitement.

Rossi slips up the inside of Marquez as they watch race leader Bradl tumble off into the gravel trap.

Bradl is still tumbling as Rossi takes over the point position.

Rossi denied that his Yamaha was running out of fuel on the final lap of the race.

'I know now that what I have done is wrong. So I say, I am sorry, giant performing oyster. I am sorry, Patrick. I am sorry, citizens of Bikini Bottom.'

Former Yamaha man Crutchlow's first race on a Ducati ended inelegantly. The electronics on his Open/Factory entry failed and he had to park the GP14 just after the finish line.

Snort! Still some fire in the old bull yet.


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