Qatar MotoGP 14: The Duel In The Desert
images by marco guidetti

The duel between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez in the '14 Qatar MotoGP race was one for the ages.

Have a close look at several frames from the race between the nine time world champ and the current MotoGP champion. Here Marquez has the back end kicked out, trying to stay in control.

Marquez's front Bridgestone tire contorts from the physics of trying to stop a MotoGP Honda.

Close? The pair brushed fairing panels trying to gain an edge.

Rossi looks for the apex while Marquez struggles for control. Note that both front tires are under stress trying to maintain 'roundness'. (It's a scientific term.)

Rossi has the advantage for moment ...

Until Marquez finds another few moment in time and where ...

Marquez is able to gain a slight advantage on the brakes.

Marquez was the only rider able to use the hard rear tire, and on the final lap he was able to squirt away.

Victory! Marquez scores his first win of the '14 season.


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