Sepang 1 MotoGP Images #1
images by tim J nelson

Good first day for Valentino Rossi and his new crewchief Silvano Galbusera.

Michele Pirro extracts a horn mono from the Pramac Ducati. Fine, it's Yonny Hernandez--but it's still a near horn-level wheelie, you hoon.

Coming soon: another on-line Suzuki movie where afterward you're left wondering why you just carelessly squandered three minutes of your life watching that when you could have instead watched that cat play piano video again and then at least had a small reason to smile.

Colin Edwards II is back on a Yamaha and will presumably renew his promise to kiss any Marine on the lips in a sign of respect, admiration and love. (IMPORTANT UPDATE: FEMALE MARINES ONLY)

Mr Davide Tardozzi. His specialty is making people who just don't get it, get it.

Go & Fun: it's not just when they have a dart board in the restroom at a bar.

Newly married Crutchlow: the battle begins.


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