Christmas Ride In Italy
images by thanks: GQ Italy

Some Italian fellows took a Christmas ride on dirt bikes and sent us images of the fun. Recognize the body language of this Yamaha rider? Hint: one of his heroes is Gene Romero.

Yes, it's former world champion Valentino Rossi, a member of the Christmas Snow Posse. With him are Soup's friends Giovanni Bussei and GQ Editor Michele Lupi.

Bussei was the manly-man and deflected suggestions he should ride a 'real' dirt bike. He brought his modified Harley-Davidson XR1000. And his beard.

Sadly, no video exists of these tires in action on that snow.

Rossi with Marco Simoncelli and rocker Lorenzo Jovanotti.

Now that Joey Dunlop is gone, Bussei has to be the person who loves motorcycles, racing and the racing life above all others. He sleeps with his bike, even when he doesn't have to.

Romero-style broadslides were no problem with all that Yama-boost and the copious white stuff on the ground.

Bussei always drives around with his XR1000 in his car, just in case he finds a great road that must be explored. Then he unloads, rides, and then (we assume) kicks back and mulls over the big issues. 'Then Came Bronson' for the 21st century.


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