Images from Yamaha's Media Day 2008
images by wolf jay nelson

Imola landed third in the Pit Stop Challenge Yamaha held. He had some help from the fellas behind him. Mighta done better with a pinkie and an opposable thumb.

The carnivores came in droves to Yamaha Media Day. Yama-Will works the burgers. The press goons left Yamaha's Media Day fulfilled and filled.

Thanks for coming, everybody! Don't forget to tip your waiter.

Any item, from a spare t-shirt, discarded hamburger bun to even a wheel and tire combo rolling innocently through the lot was descnded upon by the press so that it could be taken home and 'evaluated'.

Yamaha Race Boss Keith McCarty offers congrats to new recruit Tommy Aquino for having the hottest mom in the paddock for joining the Yamafamily.

Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas pounds a wheel and tire home. As a musician he knows that sometimes the equipment's just gotta pay.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. President Masato Adachi presents a giant check to the Feed the Children charity. Giant pen and giant wallet not shown.

Note craps game going on in background ...


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