Scenes From A Ducati Superbike Garage, Laguna 2014
images by dean's old go pro

Ducati WSBK tolerated our presence in their garage this morning during the first WSBK practice session at Laguna Seca. Here the crack crew begin to tear down Giugliano's Panigale 1199R for an engine change.

Chaz Davies stops his Panigale 1199R after the session ends.

Davies' mechanics did a quick clutch pack replacement and prepped the bike for the next session.

On the other side of the garage, however, there was a solid hour and a half of work for the boys as Giugliano's bike needed a new mill. First the tank section comes off ...

It took three or four crew members, working quickly, over an hour to get the bike down to the bare engine. Remember, the Panigale does not have a conventional frame, and basically comes apart in numerous complex layers.

The new Panigale engine sits and waits while KC does the mind meld with it. 'Tell me your secrets. Okay, I'm really a V-4.'

Meanwhile, in the back of the garage, the nerds play a LAN game of Tetris.

A technician pulls the clutch discs apart and make certain that the plates are ready to be thrown away.

After like a long time of taking one hugely complex assembly off after another--all with a portly Minnesota guy right there asking things like, 'hey, hey, what's that? Brake pads, huh? Are there supposed to be two of them?' Giugliano swings by and thinks it's time to bail before they put him to work.

Pretty sure this is the most complex muffler in the history of internal combustion.

Tech heads look at this and see an impressive motorcycle engineering achievement. Soup looks at this and thinks 'bet you could bake 36 cookies at a time on that sheet'.

The job ain't done 'til the paperwork is finished.


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