The Marquez Moment II: Gravity & Physics Be Damned
images by thanks, THE paolo scalera

On the Monday following his inglorious fourth place finish in the Czech GP, Marc Marquez tested both the '14 and '14 RC213 Honda MotoGP racers.

Known for dragging his elbow even more than Ben Spies did in his career, young Marc lost the front and began to drag all sort of body parts one should not when astride a racing motorcycle.

Never a good thing when the rear axle bits are throwing up sparks. Also, note left boot.

'Okay, that's like three crashes in one corner,' as Tim Carrithers used to say after watching Kevin Schwantz ride.

The left boot tells the story. This is a crash; Marquez is off the bike.

That stuff in the background? That's the stuff that--if this had gone very wrong--that would have possibly impaled MotoGP's superstar rider.

Frame seven is about the point where MM93 flexes his massive, throbbing riding talent and--okay luckily--hooks his boot on the bike and leverages himself back up.

Note that the black streak coming from the tire is actually getting darker.

Finally some daylight between himself and mother earth.

He doesn't display the 'wide eyes' as much this season as he did during his rookie MotoGP season but this is certainly a wide eye moment for the 21 year old.

The right side of Marquez' leathers were well damaged and ground away in the crash. Bit that really was all--bike and rider were fine. Also--kind of a nac-nac; one foot on, one for not.

Okay, back to work young Jedi ...


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